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Stingray 120 18 x 6 Civillian Propeller
Our Price: $197.95
Our Price: $26.74
Fantastic Flight Performance

The Perfect Sport Aerobatic Model

The perfect accessory to your scale civilian airplane. This beautifully painted prop is the
finishing touch that your Cub or Fly Baby needs!

Balsa USA Catalog 1/4 Scale Sopwith F-1 Camel
Our Price: $329.95

Balsa USA paper catalog #35 and price list. Free when requested with an order. New To The Flightline…Now Available
1/2 Scale Spandau Gun Kit Smoothie XL
Our Price: $86.57
Our Price: $296.69

Balsa USA stepped up to the plate for the extreme giant scale WWI modeler with the release of their 1/2 scale machine guns.  Utilizing balsa, plywood, aluminum, fabric and other materials to get the perfect scale look, these guns will make your 1/2 scale WWI model that much easier to build. Designed to be built in very little time, you can get an extra one built for that one off accessory for your desk at work!

The Smoothie XL is the one of the best
sport aerobatic planes on the market.  With its 88-3/4" fully symmetrical
wing, oversized control surfaces, and sleek aerodynamic shape, the
Smoothie XL out performs all the other 30cc sport kits available on the
market.  Install a 20cc gas engine if you want a tame relaxing plane
that will do loops, rolls and touch-and-goes all Sunday long.  Install a
35cc if you want to Unleash The Beast stored within the Smoothie XL.  
The optional flaps allow the Smoothie XL to almost stop in the air.