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Balsa USA Gold Pro Airplane Stands Laker
Our Price: $46.15
Our Price: $177.05
Now Available

With the re-release of the Balsa USA Laker you can once again enjoy the memories of flying off water with a low cost fast building sport plane. The Laker is also a great plane for a modeler wanting to try flying from the water for the first time due to it weighing in at 6lbs-7lbs and having a 70”wingspan, giving it a lighter wing loading than some trainers available. Don’t worry if you don’t have a place to fly a floatplane, we supply landing gear in the kit as well so anyone can enjoy the beautiful lines and flight characteristics of the Balsa USA Laker!

Stingray 120 Balsa USA Gold Pro T-Fittings
Our Price: $197.95
Our Price: $8.65
Fantastic Flight Performance

The Perfect Sport Aerobatic Model
The Balsa USA Gold Pro T-Fittings utilize a milled one piece construction so that you do not have to worry about a leaky gasket that can cause a poor running engine from air getting sucked into the fuel line, or worse yet an airplane being filled with fuel. This T-fitting is made from solid brass which allows it to be extremely durable and compatible with all fuel types!
1/4 Scale Sopwith F-1 Camel Balsa USA Gold Pro Single Servo Tray
Our Price: $329.95

Our Price: $4.57
New To The Flightline…Now Available The Balsa USA Gold Pro Single Servo Tray is designed to work with all the common standard sized servos. It provides 1/4” plywood for the servo screws to be screwed into. Due to the curves and lightweight design the
chance for your servo wire to rub and wear through is completely eliminated!