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Balsa USA Gold Pro T-Fittings Balsa USA Gold Pro Airplane Stands
Our Price: $8.65
Our Price: $46.15
The Balsa USA Gold Pro T-Fittings utilize a milled one piece construction so that you do not have to worry about a leaky gasket that can cause a poor running engine from air getting sucked into the fuel line, or worse yet an airplane being filled with fuel. This T-fitting is made from solid brass which allows it to be extremely durable and compatible with all fuel types!
1/4 Scale Sopwith F-1 Camel Balsa USA Gold Pro Carbide Grinding Burrs
Our Price: $329.95
Our Price: $63.76
New To The Flightline…Now Available This set includes 7 carbide grinding burrs designed to be used with high speed rotary tools.  If used properly this will be the last set you will ever buy. Designed to be used on wood, fiberglass, and plastics, these tools will make quick work out of otherwise long tiring shaping jobs!
1/4 Scale Junkers D-1 Fox R/C Long Plugs (each)
Our Price: $428.95
Our Price: $5.93
Developed by Hugo Junkers, the D-1 was the world’s first operational all metal fighter plane. With a top speed of 140 mph and a service ceiling of just under 20,000 feet the D-1 was decades ahead of its wood and wire, fabric covered competition. This made it arguably the Messerschmitt ME-262 of World War One! Though it arrived too late to play a significant part, the Junkers D-1 was certainly a harbinger of what “Warbirds” were to become! Closeout Sale!!!!!!!