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2 Meter Rolls Lozengetex
Solartex Samples 5 Meter Rolls
Poly Tak 10 Meter Rolls
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Solartex is a super light, extra fine woven fabric covering material which adds immense strength and toughness to an air-frame. Solartex is coated with a powerful adhesive exclusive to this product. The material is an excellent covering for all types of model construction. The adhesive is active over a wide temperature range and gives Solartex the unique advantage over other iron-on fabrics that it can be used at low temperatures to mold around compound curves. Solartex is fuel proof and airtight as ironed on. Weight is 60-80 g.s.m. (grams per sq. meter). 30 g.s.m. is approximately one ounce per sq. yard.

Not sure which color you want...order the solartex sample packet. It includes a sample of all the colors we carry.

2 Meter rolls = 27 inches wide x 6 feet 6 inches long
5 Meter rolls = 27 inches wide x 16 feet 5 inches long
10 Meter rolls = 27 inches wide x 32 feet 10 inches long