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1/3 Scale Fly Baby Biplane
Our Price: $428.95

The Fly-Baby Bipe was a follow on design to the "Bowers Fly Baby" a homebuilt, single-seat, open-cockpit, wood and fabric low-wing monoplane that was designed by famed United States aircraft designer and Boeing historian, Peter M. Bowers.
1/3 Scale Morane Saulnier A-1
Our Price: $428.95

A true blast from the past now flies again! This Balsa USA Morane Saulnier A-1 model was originally introduced in 1979 and re-released in 2006.
1/3 Scale Fokker DR1 Triplane
Our Price: $604.95

Unquestionably the most recognized aircraft of World War I. From late 1917 until June of 1918, the Fokker DR-1 Triplane blazed its way across history and into the popular culture of today.
1/3 Scale Nieuport 17
Our Price: $659.95

While most recently starring in the movie "Fly Boys" the Nieuport 17 got its start in the skies over France back in 1916!
1/3 Scale Nieuport 28c-1
Our Price: $659.95

When America entered the First World War her future aces, men like Eddie Rickenbacker, Doug Campbell, and Reed Chambers all cut their teeth on the sleek looking Nieuport 28!
1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup RE-Engineered
Our Price: $704.95

The Sopwith Pup saw combat on every major front of World War I and performed almost every duty asked of a combat aircraft. Along with the Pup's combat success, it was also a pioneering aircraft of Naval shipboard aviation.
1/3 Scale Fokker D7
Our Price: $736.95

The brain child of Anthony Fokker and Reinhold Platz, the D-VII combined the efficiency of a thick airfoil wing, which eliminated the need for flying wires, with a long tail moment and ample sized tail surfaces to produce an aircraft that was not only highly maneuverable but surprisingly easy to fly as well.
1/3 Scale Fly Baby Low Wing
Our Price: $768.85

You Asked For It - You Got It! Back By Customer Demand!
Balsa USA welcomes back into our line of exclusive Ultimate Series kits, the Fly Baby Low Wing.

It has been designed to be extremely quick and simple to build. With scale folding wings, the model is very strong and delightfully simple to transport to and from the field. This is a giant scale model that will fit in almost any SUV. Just unfold the wings, attach the flying wires, and go flying.
1/3 Scale J-3 Piper Cub
Our Price: $831.55

With the many different choices of Cub kits available today, our Ultimate Series 1/3 Scale J-3 Cub kit stands head and shoulders above the rest. No other kit is as complete.
1/3 Scale Super Cub
Our Price: $856.90

Our Ultimate SeriesTM 1/3 Scale Super Cub kit stands alone as the best giant scale kit on the market today. The complete 38 page instruction manual contains over 200 photos and covers every step of the construction in complete detail.
1/3 Scale Ercoupe (415-D)
Our Price: $989.95

This classic aircraft was designed in 1937, its life span was estimated to be only 10 years. However, 2600 Coupes are still flying today! Balsa USA is proud to offer this new True to Scale kit that is as easy to build as it is to fly! If you can drive a car, you can fly an Ercoupe!
1/3 Scale Stearman
Our Price: $1,649.95

Our 30% scale Stearman has been designed for those who want the very best. Our Ultimate Series kits redefine the concept of a complete kit.
1/3 Scale Albatros D5/D5a
Our Price: $1,649.95

Bigger, faster, stronger and more powerful than anything the allies even the Americans have or are likely to ever have! With this new aircraft YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SWEEP YOUR ENEMIES FROM THE SKIES!