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1/4 Scale Continental 65 Dummy Engine Kit
Our Price: $22.99

1/4 Scale Vickers Machine Gun Kit
Our Price: $26.98

Assembled Kit Measures 10 inches long.
1/4 Scale Lewis Gun Kit
Our Price: $26.98

Assembled Kit Measures 10 inches long.
1/4 Scale Spandau Gun Kit
Our Price: $26.98

Assembled Kit Measures 11 inches long.
1/4 Scale Water Rudder Kit
Our Price: $29.98

1/4 Scale WWI Fiberglass Dummy Rotary Engine (7-3/4" dia)
Our Price: $42.45

1/4 Scale 3 Point "WWI Floats"
Our Price: $142.95

The Balsa USA 3-Point "WWI Floats" are built utilizing Balsa, Basswood, and Plywood. Pre drilled metal mounting tangs are supplied along with a complete hardware package. Pre shaped basswood struts reduce building and sanding time to maximize your enjoyment while building your floats. 1/32 plywood bottoms on the main floats aid in the prevention of accidental damage from a run in with rocks or the shoreline.

The kit is completely laser cut enabling the use of the lightest materials possible, yet still allowing maximum durability. All laser cut parts are etched with the proper name for easy identafacation! Out of all the similar style floats available on the market, Balsa USA's "WWI Floats" are the easiest to build and assemble the quickest. This allows you to get the advantage over the enemy by being the first in the air!

With the floats properly installed, they will comfortably support a 22 pound airplane. This allows you to install them on most 1/4 scale WWI planes!
1/4 Scale EDO Floats
Our Price: $173.75

Our Ultimate Series 1/4 Scale float kit exactly duplicate Edo's 1400 series right down to the last fitting. Although the floats were designed for use on a J-3 Cub, they can be adapted for use on almost any 1/4 scale model.
1/4 Scale EAA Bipe
Our Price: $208.95

The full scale EAA Biplane was designed in the middle sixties by Paul Poberezny and Stan Dzik in cooperation with the Experimental Aircraft Association. It was envisioned to be an easily constructed home built that the average person could build without special tools and flew great.
Citabria Aerobatic Pro
Our Price: $208.95

The Citabria Pro was developed from Bellanca's famous two place tandem sport aerobatic Citabria. Incidentally, the name "Citabria" is a clever backwards spelling of the word "airbatic".
1/4 Scale J-3 Piper Cub
Our Price: $252.95

The Piper J-3 Cub is arguably the most recognizable light aircraft ever manufactured. If it's yellow, its got to be a Cub! During the past 60 years since it's introduction, the Piper Cub has probably been responsible for training more full scale pilots than any other single aircraft in history and is still going strong today.
1/4 Scale Sopwith Pup
Our Price: $329.95

On February 9, 1916, Herbert Smith's small 80 hp single seat "Fighting Scout" passed its acceptance tests and was cleared for production by the Sopwith Aviation Co. LTD.
1/4 Scale Nieuport 11
Our Price: $329.95

Originally designed for air racing, the Nieuport 11 was pressed into service to combat the deadly Fokker Eindecker, which it did! Soon its reputation for being a small, easy to fly, fighter plane earned it the nick name "Babe."
1/4 Scale Nieuport 17
Our Price: $329.95

The Nieuport 17 was unquestionably the most successful of all Nieuport single seat aircraft designs of World War I. It owed its success to being a "sesquiplane" or one-and-a-half plane (it was not a true biplane).
1/4 Scale Fokker D8
Our Price: $329.95

Large and In Charge! The legendary Fokker D-VIII was credited with the ability to make good pilots out of mediocre pilots and great pilots out of good pilots, just as this model can.
1/4 Scale Fokker DR1 Triplane
Our Price: $329.95

Unquestionably the most recognized aircraft of World War I. From late 1917 until June of 1918, the Fokker DR-1 Triplane blazed its way across history and into the popular culture of today.
1/4 Scale Nieuport 28c-1
Our Price: $329.95

The First American flown fighter of World War I and unquestionably one of the sleekest looking aircraft of the era! Join the company of great American aces like Eddie Rickenbacker and patrol the skies over your flying field with the Nieuport 28.
1/4 Scale Sopwith F-1 Camel
Our Price: $329.95

New To The Flightline…Now Available
1/4 Scale S.P.A.D. 13
Our Price: $428.95

By far the most highly detailed model to date in our popular line of quarter scale World War I models! Favored by American aces for its strength, power and speed the S.P.A.D. 13 was something to be reckoned with by its adversaries.
1/4 Scale Fokker D7
Our Price: $428.95

When the new Fokker D-VIII hit the front lines in late October of 1918, Reinhold Platz's remarkable design work was vindicated. The aircraft easily out performed and out ran Allied aircraft with twice the D-VIII's horsepower.