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1/6 Scale Lewis Gun Kit
Our Price: $9.65

1/6 Scale Spandau Gun Kit
Our Price: $11.53

1/6 Scale Vickers Gun Kit
Our Price: $11.53

1/6 Scale Nieuport 17
Our Price: $208.95

The Nieuport 17 was unquestionably the most successful of all Nieuport single seat aircraft designs of World War I. It owed its success to being a "sesquiplane" or one-and-a-half plane (it was not a true biplane).
1/6 Scale Thomas-Morse S-4c Scout
Our Price: $208.95

Built by the Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corporation located in Ithaca, NY, the Thomas Morse S-4C Scout affectionately known as "Tommy" by the men who flew it, is probably the best known American built single seat aircraft of the First World War.
1/6 Scale Sopwith Pup
Our Price: $208.95

The Sopwith Pup was one of the most famous World War I fighters. It is remembered as the best flying aircraft of World War I, a tribute to the Sopwith design philosophy of simple and aerodynamically clean structure.
1/6 Scale Nieuport 28c-1
Our Price: $208.95

The First American flown fighter of World War I and unquestionably one of the sleekest looking aircraft with its round fuselage, elliptical wing tips and the graceful curves of its tail.