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Stick 40 Plus
Our Price: $84.65

The Stick 40 Plus has been designed especially for the novice and has been the R/C club trainer of choice since 1977. The Stick 40 Plus was designed with ailerons and is the Deluxe version of the Stick 40. This is one of the best "Fun-Flyers" you can own.
Our Price: $109.95

A "Twin Tail Tiger" with the vintage look of a 1950's air racer!
Our Price: $109.95

A timeless R/C low wing classic!
Our Price: $109.95

A "Swept Wing" performer with the look of a 1960's jet fighter!
Phaeton II
Our Price: $109.95

If you are looking for a great biplane that really performs with any .40 sized engine, the Phaeton II is for you. You would be hard pressed to find a better small bipe at a better price anywhere.
Force One
Our Price: $109.95

The Force One was the first of Laddie Mikulasko's Mid-engine delta winged model designs. The model is very fast and maneuverable at high throttle, but can fly so slowly that it almost hovers without stalling.
Our Price: $161.65

Designed by Laddie Mikulasko, the Northstar is no ordinary float plane! The Northstar accelerates quickly on the water and lands slow and easy.
Our Price: $161.65

Vertical performance at the 6 lb. flying weight is phenomenal and will perform all the basic aerobatic maneuvers with ease.
Our Price: $177.05

Now Available

With the re-release of the Balsa USA Laker you can once again enjoy the memories of flying off water with a low cost fast building sport plane. The Laker is also a great plane for a modeler wanting to try flying from the water for the first time due to it weighing in at 6lbs-7lbs and having a 70”wingspan, giving it a lighter wing loading than some trainers available. Don’t worry if you don’t have a place to fly a floatplane, we supply landing gear in the kit as well so anyone can enjoy the beautiful lines and flight characteristics of the Balsa USA Laker!

Stingray 120
Our Price: $197.95

Fantastic Flight Performance

The Perfect Sport Aerobatic Model
Student Trainer
Our Price: $208.95

The Balsa USA "Student Trainer" is intended as a "BUILDING TRAINER"!
Phaeton 90
Our Price: $208.95

The Phaeton 90 was designed around the powerful 4-stroke engines. Our deluxe kit builds very quickly and the flight performance is absolutely outstanding.
Smoothie XL
Our Price: $296.69

The Smoothie XL is the one of the best
sport aerobatic planes on the market.  With its 88-3/4" fully symmetrical
wing, oversized control surfaces, and sleek aerodynamic shape, the
Smoothie XL out performs all the other 30cc sport kits available on the
market.  Install a 20cc gas engine if you want a tame relaxing plane
that will do loops, rolls and touch-and-goes all Sunday long.  Install a
35cc if you want to Unleash The Beast stored within the Smoothie XL.  
The optional flaps allow the Smoothie XL to almost stop in the air.