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C450   Phaeton 90 ABS Cowl
M450   Phaeton 90 Instruction Manual only
A450   Phaeton 90 Plans and Instruction Manual
448   Phaeton II
C448   Phaeton II ABS Cowl
M448   Phaeton II Instruction Manual only
A448   Phaeton II Plans and Instruction Manual
M433   Piper L-4 Cub Instruction Manual only
A433   Piper L-4 Cub Plans and Instruction Manual
453   Poly - Tak
548   Red Solartex 10 meter
550   Red Solartex 2 meter
558   Red Solartex 5 meter
RB402   Replacement Aerial Bomb
382   Set of all six - 12" Quality Long Drill
372   Set of all six - 6" Quality Long Drill
Sheer-Web-How-To   Sheer Web How To
Sheer-Web-D-Tube-Wing-Design-D   Sheer Web/D-Tube Wing Design Demonstration
517   Silicone Fuel Tubing (8 ft pkg) (Glow Fuel Only)
516   Silicone Fuel Tubing Per Foot (Glow Fuel Only)
592   Silver (AF Aluminum) Solartex 10 meter
585   Silver (AF Aluminum) Solartex 2 meter
589   Silver (AF Aluminum) Solartex 5 meter
671   Small Plated Steel Solder Lugs (Pkg 10)
443   Smoothie
C443   Smoothie Canopy
M443   Smoothie Instruction Manual only
A443   Smoothie Plans and Instruction Manual
435   Smoothie XL
C435   Smoothie XL ABS Cowl
CP435   Smoothie XL Clear Canopy
D435   Smoothie XL Decals
LS435-10   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 10
LS435-15   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 15
LS435-16   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 16
LS435-17   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 17
LS435-18   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 18
LS435-19   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 19
LS435-2   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 2
LS435-25   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 25
LS435-3   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 3
LS435-4   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 4
LS435-5   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 5
LS435-50   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 50
LS435-51   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 51
LS435-55   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 55
LS435-6   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 6
LS435-60   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 60
LS435-61   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 61
LS435-62   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 62
LS435-65   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 65
LS435-66   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 66
LS435-7   Smoothie XL Laser Sheet 7
SB435   Smoothie XL Stearing Bracket
WPM435   Smoothie XL Wheel Pant Mounting Kit
WP435   Smoothie XL Wheel Pant Set
WH435   Smoothie XL Wooden Hatch PKG
726   Solartex Sample Packets (all colors included)
Soldering-Landing-Gear-How-To   Soldering Landing Gear How To
M441   Stick 40 Instruction Manual only
A441   Stick 40 Plans and Instruction Manual
434   Stick 40 Plus
M434   Stick 40 Plus Instruction Manual only
A434   Stick 40 Plus Plans and Instruction Manual
432   Stick 40 Plus Wing Kit
391   Stingray 120
M391   Stingray 120 Instruction Manual only
A391   Stingray 120 Plans and Instruction Manual
M390   Stingray 40 Instruction Manual only
A390   Stingray 40 Plans and Instruction Manual
426   Student Trainer
C426   Student Trainer ABS Cowl
M426   Student Trainer Manual
A426   Student Trainer Plans and Manual
D415   Super Cub Vinyl Decal Set
M437   Superstick Instruction Manual only
A437   Superstick Plans and Instruction Manual
439   Taube 40
M439   Taube 40 Instruction Manual only
A439   Taube 40 Plans and Instruction Manual
M394   Taube 90 Instruction Manual only
A394   Taube 90 Plans and Instruction Manual
M392   Thunderbug 120 Instruction Manual only
A392   Thunderbug 120 Plans and Instruction Manual
M393   Thunderbug 40 Instruction Manual only
A393   Thunderbug 40 Plans and Instruction Manual
520   Triple Servo Tray
534   Vintage Blue Solartex 2 meter (translucent)
538   Vintage Blue Solartex 5 meter (translucent)
535   Vintage Orange Solartex 2 meter (translucent)
539   Vintage Orange Solartex 5 meter (translucent)
537   Vintage Red Solartex 5 meter (translucent)
532   Vintage Yellow Solartex 2 meter (translucent)
536   Vintage Yellow Solartex 5 meter (translucent)
540   White Solartex 10 meter
551   White Solartex 2 meter
559   White Solartex 5 meter
LW134   WWI Large Washer Only
SW125   WWI Small Washer Only
583   Yellow Solartex 2 meter
588   Yellow Solartex 5 meter
497   Zona #100 4 in 1 Razor Saw
496   Zona #500 Razor Saw

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