Balsa USA

The story of Balsa USA began quite some time ago.  In 1946 Paul Shultz started a small company in Menominee, Michigan which he called Joy Products.  Among stamped gaskets and other small manufactured metal parts he also produced some 1/2A control line models and started selling balsa wood mail order.  In 1968 I purchased Joy Products and renamed it Balsa USA.  Since that time we have dispensed with making any stamped metal parts and concentrated on selling R/C model kits, balsa, aircraft grade plywood, and other specialty woods primarily related to the hobby industry.

Over the past few years we have started selling many of our products to independent hobby dealers across the United States, Canada and overseas as well.  Now, not only are you able to purchase our fine 100% American made products directly from us, they are also available at your local authorized Balsa USA hobby dealers too!  We encourage you to support your local dealers.  During this same time, all of our critical production equipment has either been replaced or modernized with new custom designed machinery.  All of our equipment has been both designed and built in-house as well.  Our design philosophy has been to concern ourselves with balsa’s special handling problems and at the same time, maximizing our production efficiency with the least amount of waste.  To this end, we have been very successful.  Our new production equipment maintains extreme accuracy in thickness and provides an excellent surface finish on all of our sheet wood products.  Our technology advanced equipment, coupled with our extremely competent staff, allows us to be one of the most efficient producers of the highest quality balsa wood products in the world today.

Whether you have been a customer of ours for a long time, or if this is your first experience with Balsa USA, we want you to know that your business is very important to us.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.  Service is always our first Priority, just ask any Balsa USA customer.

Best Regards,

Ron Busch, Founder